Houston Tour de Cure Update

Yesterday was the Houston Tour de Cure. As you might know, I have been training for several months for this event. And unfortunately the rides were canceled due to weather. Bummer! Though disappointed, I understand the cancellation because it has been very rainy the passed few days and the routes were very flooded and covered with debris.

Despite the rain out, they still had the after race activities. There was a lunch, live music, and various diabetes awareness booths. They served brisket, potato salad, green beans, and rolls. And the band played various tunes; from country music to Pink Floyd and Foo Fighters covers. So all in all it was a good day even though I did not get to ride. There is talk of rescheduling the ride for a later date but we’ll see what pans out.

On the bright side there were over 2,000 riders registered and were able to raise over $600,000. And team red (the team for people with diabetes) had over 300 riders and we were able to raise over $100,000. Which is awesome! It is great that we were able to raise so much money towards such a just cause. I am definitely planning on riding next year and hopefully we can raise even more money next year.


Tour de Cure Houston

Today I have officially signed up to participate in the Tour de Cure in Houston on September 21! For those who do not know what it is (or do not want to click the link to find out) it is bike race put on by the American Diabetes Association to raise funds for Diabetes research. There are several different lengths of track: 10 miles, 27 miles, 47 miles, 63 miles, and a little over 100 miles. So there is a track for just about any cyclists desire or skill level. Whether you are a casual rider or a die hard cyclist or somewhere in between, there is a place for you.

I have signed up for the 27 mile track, and I feel that will be a good starting point for my cycling career. As of right now can do about 10 miles around my town so we will see how challenging the 27 miles will be. The race isn’t until September so I will have a lot of time to train as well.  This will not only be my first diabetes fundraiser as an adult/diabetic but this will also be my first cycling event in general. My parents got me a fairly nice new bike as an early birthday present which is very generous of them to do, and I have been riding a couple miles everyday since I got it. My thighs hurt! But I love it; it is so fun to ride!

I have signed up for Team Red which is a national team open for all people with Diabetes or people whose lives have been affected by diabetes. We get a nice red jersey so spectators can spot us easily and direct their words of encouragement our way.

I am very excited to participate to help raise money for such a worthy cause and have fun doing it. I also hope very much to meet people and hear their stories and hopefully be able to tell my story.

If you would like to help sponsor me just follow this link or if you would like to donate towards Team Red as a whole please follow this link.

Every little bit helps!