After a few months of waiting it is finally here, my new Tandem t:slim insulin pump! I am pumped (nice pun eh?). Unfortunately it took several months for me to actually get the pump but the wait is finally over. Last week I received confirmation that my health insurance provider deemed the pump to be “medically necessary” and have decided to cover some of the expenses. So here I am a week later with my brand new insulin pump and just in time for my birthday too!

The only down side is I have to wait until Friday before I can hook my self up. Well I guess I don’t have to wait but it is advised that I do. On Friday, the Tandem rep in my area is coming over to my house again to help me get setup with my basal rates and to train me on the pump. Talk about good customer service, eh? It’s not every day a company sends some one to your house to help you out. She has been nice enough to contact my doctor and endo to get my basal rate information so she can fully help get me started pumping.

I am really looking forward to start pumping as well as beginning my life as a complete diabetic cyborg! I have a feeling this pump will be a game changer!


4 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. You’ll love it! One thing I too, noticed is how great the CS is at Tandem. They came out to me so I could see the pump, helped me thru insurance and all. Dunno if you joined the Facebook group of us T:Slim users, hope you will come in and hang out. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you finally got your pump sorted. I hope it makes your diabetes management a little bit easier x

  3. WELCOME TO THE CYBORG CLUB!!! Hope you love your new pump!

  4. My 17 year old son is wanting a T:Slim. We are about to start the process. Looking forward to hearing your experiences!

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