Pump Update


As you know from a previous post of mine, I have been shopping around for an insulin pump to purchase. Everyone’s comments on said post were very helpful and I thank you all very much for your advice. A lot of your comments had to do with insurance coverage and until recently I had no idea what kind, if any, coverage my insurance provides for insulin pumps. I did some research and contacted my health insurance provider to discuss potential pump possibilities (see what I did there? 🙂 ). And to my pleasant surprise, they cover 80% of the cost of any insulin pump! Sure there is better coverage available but my insurance is not very good (cheap) so 80% is good enough in my opinion. In fact, I still have to call them twice a week to make sure they are working on getting the Dexcom system covered, which they barely are. They are so slow!

So all that being said, I have made the decision to get the Tandem t:slim pump. Tandem was accommodating enough to send a sales representative to my house to allow me to play around with the pump and ultimately hook myself up to it with a saline cartridge. And I must say I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the pump: the features, the size, the weight, the look; just about everything. The sale rep unfortunately was not able to give me a loaner pump to wear for a couple days, but I was able to wear the infusion set for a few days just make sure it was comfortable. And it is quite comfortable… or not uncomfortable, rather.

The infusion set I have been wearing is the Cleo 90 and it seems like a good set. I am not too sure of the differences in the infusion sets other then ones a steel needle opposed to a plastic/rubbery insertion. And one is at a 45 degree angle opposed to the 90 degree insertion that the Cleo is.

I have been in close contact with Tandem recently and so far they have superb customer service. They have a very nice and knowledge staff that is eager to help make people with diabetes lives easier/better.In fact a good few of the employees I have spoken to are diabetics or spouses of diabetics, so they know quite a bit about the D-lifestyle.

So, a few days ago I faxed them the required paper work and contacted my insurance provider to get the ball rolling so I can hopefully acquire the pump soon-ish.


6 thoughts on “Pump Update

  1. That is a most excellent choice! I really think for ease of use and all, you will actually “enjoy” having the T:Slim. I’ve been at this for years and this pumps make it all seem new and I actually get good BG’s for my work. If you have questions, feel free to join the Tandem T:slim user group in Facebook and ask away! YAY!

  2. Cool! I’m glad you managed to pick the right pump for you ( that’s pretty important). I’m not sure what that pump is like, as I’m currently using the Animas Vibe and before that the Animas 20/20. I hope you enjoy your new pump. Happy pumping 🙂

  3. Ask Dexcom if they have a financial grant to cover balance. If so, you’ll have to meet eligibility guidelines.

  4. That’s fantastic that you were able to get the ball rolling! Hopefully you have fast results in getting your stuff and yourself situated. 🙂

  5. I am glad to see you found the pump for you. It is such a personal decision, of course we ask everyone else’s opinion, but when it comes down to it we make the final decision based off of what we think is important. So good luck my friend and soon you can join the pumpers club!!

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