Which Pump to Pump?

Recently I have had pumps on my mind. And not women’s shoes; insulin pumps. My slightly disappointing experience with the Endocrinologist really sparked my interest for these. The doctor gave me a few pamphlets on different type of pumps, except the one I have been looking at. I think a pump would be something I would be willing to try out and I could see myself enjoying the change in lifestyle it brings (less shots!). But ultimately I do not know which pump to pump.

They all look very interesting and have a bunch of cool features but this one is easily my favorite. I don’t know if you would ever call a pump sexy (what with the 90’s pager-esque aesthetics and the hose connected to your abdomen), but this pump is fairly sexy. It is touch screen and reminds me of an iPod/iPhone that just happens to run your insulin dosing.

I am still researching different pumps in terms of features and useability. And they all seem to have the main crucial features: bolus and basal management. But judging based solely on looks, the Tandem is by far the best looking (in my opinion).

If you use a pump which one and why? And if you do not use one, why not?

Do you know anything about the Tandem: good or bad pump?


8 thoughts on “Which Pump to Pump?

  1. When you go see my blogs, Yes. I’m a T:Slim user and usually have to say something about my love of this pump. In my last post, I touched on it’s Micro-delivery method and some of the other likes in the technology department.

    Now, I’m not a great, accomplished writer like some may be, but in a way, that’s cool, *I* am not writing glossy PR or Advertisement brochures. I’m just telling it how I see it and how I like things of the T:Slim. I recommend calling Tandem Diabetes and asking for an information pack. As their software is out and running perfectly for many of us, you can steer your endo there to Tandem’s site as well.

    As this pump is very new … at least in relevance to other pumps, I can’t fault your Doctor(s) for not telling you about this pump. Heck, I’m teaching my Endo and CDE about this pump. I am, from what my insurance case-nurse tells me, the FIRST patient on this pump in their whole firm in this state. So my even attempting to get the T:Slim was a learning/teaching process for all of us involved!

    I think you would like it a lot!

  2. The Tandem is newer, so not many Endo offices will have the literature yet. It just depends on if the rep has made it by or not. A good endo will sign off on the one that *you* feel is best for you.

    My girl was the first to use the Dexcom in our practice. Now that our team has seen it in action, they are as much in love with it as we are. I think I’d feel safe to say its now preferred.

    The first thing I recommend to anyone starting the pump investigations is to look at what your insurance will cover. Coverage has come a long way since we started pumping, but there are some that are stingy and will say they will only cover this or that brand. Don’t settle on being told verbally…get the policy in writing. Most have that information at their websites, you just have to dig for it. (I can help, If you’d like..just send me a note)

    If your insurance gives you carte blanche, look at the features. They all do the same thing, it is just the ‘bells and whistles’ that are different. We started with the Minimed 522 (now it’s the Revel out) because of it’s integration with cgms. We were happy with the pump but not the cgms. It was so awful for us that it took almost 2 years for my girl to say she was willing to try the dex. She’s now wearing the Omnipod and while we are fairly happy with the product, I am unhappy with the way they’re rolling out this upgrade. Won’t rehash it here. If Insulet doesn’t get their act together soon, and start communicating with current customers, we will be switching to Animas. She likes that she can still have the discreetness with it by remote bolusing with her meter. I like that we will get to return to a system that calculates all IOB. She also likes that it will eventually be integrated with dexcom. Though I’ve tried to instill in her to only make choices based on what’s out. Don’t ever believe any rep when they say something is soon. That is the biggest used car sales tactic in the pump/diabetes business.

    No matter your final choice, after the learning curve, I have no doubt you will love your pump, regardless.

  3. I have a Minimed Revel. I wanted something smaller, however, small means carrying an extra-gadget in purse to calibrate pump. Some companies will let you wear a substitute pump filled w/ saline solution for three days before you invest in one for daily use.

  4. I use a Minimed Revel, but that’s me. However, you should also, in your research, check out Melissa Lee’s take on the Tandem at http://www.sweetlyvoiced.com – she really tried to use it but….

    You may also want to check out http://www.insulin-pumpers.org and http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com and http://www.diabetesmine.com for pump reviews from real users, not marketing professionals. You have to weigh your lifestyle and what insurance will cover…

    Pumping has made my life so much easier. Glad you are investigating it!

  5. I am loving my Ping. I cannot wait until it is integrated with the Dexcom and I upgrade to the Vibe. animas said the upgrade cost would be $99, so not bad at all. it was just submitted for FDA approval.

    The t:slim is slick and definitely the sexiest out there. My concern with it was that I tend to be rough with my cell phones and things of that nature and wanted something a little tougher. That being said, I’ve never actually held or seen a t:slim so I have no idea how durable it is.

    If you have any questions about the Ping, i’d be happy to answer them. I just started with it 3 weeks ago so I’m still going through some growing pains and don’t mind sharing!

  6. I would check to see what your insurance will cover, if anything. When I was exploring pump therapy, my insurance only partnered with Medtronic. (So that’s what I got.)

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