DBlogWeek Wildcard #2- Diabetes Bird

diabetes bird

What is the ideal diabetes service animal? Think beyond the obvious and be creative in explaining why your choice is a good one. For example, maybe a seal would make a good service animal – it flaps its flippers and barks every time you get a good blood sugar reading!

For this topic the obvious choice is a dog. I love dogs and am a self proclaimed “dog person.” They are smart and can be trained to do many things, medical service is just one of the many things they can be trained for. However, other then a dog, I think the ideal diabetes service animal would be just about any species of bird. For those of you who might oppose my opinion, I will list all the advantages of have a bird as a service animal.

  1. They can fly and get you help
  2. Flying is cool
  3. They can perch on your shoulder
  4. Some can actually talk
  5. You can feed them crackers (if you name it Polly)
  6. By eating crackers, they keep you from eating them, ergo lower blood sugars
  7. Did I mention they can fly?


7 thoughts on “DBlogWeek Wildcard #2- Diabetes Bird

  1. I like this for laughs only. A bird can be eaten by a hawk on his/her way seeking help.

  2. I think you make a valid point..birds can fly..and that is cool! šŸ™‚

  3. Birds are great! Until they poop on you šŸ˜›

  4. Awesome!! Will my d-alert bird eat chips too? Potato chips are my downfall, so the more they can gobble (ha ha, get it – gobble!!) up before I get to them, the better my blood sugar will be.

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