Endocrinologist Appointment

Today I went to see the endocrinologist that my family doctor recommended to me, and unfortunately I did not get very much out of the experience. Knowledgeable, nice, personable guy and had very nice and well mannered nurses, but unfortunately he did not tell me anything I did not know already.

For whatever reason I had high hopes for this visit and went there thinking that some mind opening, game changing information would be given to me. But that was not the case. I should not have been thinking that way to being with. In fact, I had been thinking several days ago that maybe I should have just canceled my appointment because it was already a month after my diagnosis and I was getting in a pretty good routine as it is (CGM, blood testing, insulin dosing, counting carbs etc.). So as it were, I will be more then likely going back to the family doctor for A1c tests and checkups. Which is perfectly fine by me. The doctor and I have a good relationship and he is very knowledgeable on Diabetes (as well as other doctoral subjects).

On the bright side, the endocrinologist did give me a bunch of literature for insulin pumps, which I have been thinking about investing in soon. I do not have a clue which one I would want and still need to do plenty of research on the subject. But the literature he provided was a step in the right direction for that.

5 thoughts on “Endocrinologist Appointment

  1. Let me know what pumps you can get where you are. Are you in the UK? Some pumps are not available there which are available here in the USA. It’ll be interesting to see what is and isn’t different.

  2. I am in the states. The ones that i know of/ got literature on are the animus ping, accucheck spirit, medtronic and the tandem. I am looking at the tandem because it is touch screen and the developers worked with Dexcom, my CGM maker

    • Heh, I could have sworn you were in the UK! LOL!! I use the T:Slim, Tandem’s pump. We have a Facebook group of T:Slim users, so if you want to go join and read some of the things going on about Tandem, t:connect software etc, you’re welcome to.

      I wish Dexcom software worked on the Mac OS, I had to use my guy’s Windows Laptop to get the data and it was a PITA for me, I’m really hoping that if T:Slim and Dex become integrated, it will be the…. THE epitome of Heaven for me. 🙂

      I love my T:Slim! 🙂

      • I will for sure go check the page out. I still need to do research but the tandem is what I am leaning towards right now.

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