My Diabetes Kit


Since I have been diagnosed with type one diabetes, it has come to my attention that I must always be prepared for certain situations. What situations you may ask? Mainly low blood sugars and high blood sugars which can both directly damage my health. But what some people do not realize is that one thing , common to the region where I live, that can indirectly damage your health is the heat. I live in Texas. If there is one thing that everyone knows about Texas is that it is hot; like 3 digit temperatures hot. And as you may or may not know, insulin can spoil if left out in temperatures above 86 degrees Fahrenheit. So if a diabetic cannot use their insulin because it has spoiled, their sugars can get too high and they can get symptoms of hyperglycemia.

FRIO makes a carrying case for insulin pens and insulin vials (on the right in the picture above) which will help prevent spoiling. This case can keep your insulin at a steady temperature of 70 degrees even in direct heat so your insulin will not spoil. The case comes with two pieces: the actual case and the insert that is the cooling agent. The insert uses crystals that when soaked in water for 10 minutes chill to 70 degrees and become a gelatin. Then you just put your pens/vials (I have a Humalog and a Lantus pen shown above) in the gel insert and put the insert into the actual case. Now your insulin can be safely left in a car in the Texas heat without spoiling. The pen case needs to be soaked about every 2 days or so, so that the crystals remain a gel.

On the left hand side of the picture above is a travel case available here. This is an essential item to have if one travels or is on the go a lot. The case has two, zipper sealed panels seperated in the middle by a barrier and a handle for easy carrying. One of the panels is completely mesh because your FRIO pen case needs to evaporate out the moisture from the crystal/gel. The other side is perfect for all your diabetic essentials.


These are the items that I have in my carrying case. I have my blood sugar testing unit (shown on the right side), complete with a vial of test strips, lancing device, extra lancets, and some alcohol swabs. On the left hand side of the picture I have my low blood sugar preventative/emergency kit, which contains: 1 pack of peanut butter and cheese sandwich crackers, 4 butterscotch candies, 1 tube of 10 fast acting glucose tablets, and 1 tube of fasting acting glucose gel. And in the green case at the top of the picture are the pen needles for insulin injections.

You never know what can happen when you are out and about or traveling, so I believe in always being prepared. I highly recommend assembling a kit like this one to help remedy/prevent bouts of high and low blood sugar. And if you are in a region that gets hot like I am, I also recommend picking up something that will keep you insulin cool and prevent it from spoiling..


4 thoughts on “My Diabetes Kit

  1. I agree! It’s so important to have an emergency hypo kit. Here in the uk the temperature never really reaches the high temperatures you get out there in Texas. However I always take my hypo case with me or I’ll keep things in the car always. I have a case especially for holidays ( which tend to be in the sun) but the case is able to keep my insulin at the right temp.
    Btw does the heat affect your sugars? I’ve found that when the temp increases or if I’m on holiday it tends to drop my sugars.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I need to find my FRIO bag before the heat hits.

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