New Adhesive for the G4


I ordered some highly recommended adhesive from amazon a couple days ago and it finally arrived. The OpSite Flexifit is the best option if one wants to wear their Dexcom sensor for more then the recommended 7 day time period or if your sensor adhesive is not sticking well to your skin. I bought the 2 in wide, 11 yard long roll, so hopefully that will last me for a long time. This adhesive is widely used by hospitals and other medical personnel for procedures because it is transparent and sticks to skin (which can get oily/sweaty) very well. When I was in the hospital for my DKA, they used some of this adhesive to secure the IV leads onto my arm.



7 thoughts on “New Adhesive for the G4

  1. I love it! I’m on day 8 of my current sensor and the tape is just now starting to ever so slightly lift at the corners.

    My husband teases me though – says it looks like the skin of an old lady who spent too many of her younger days in the sun. Ha! If it saves us money and me the aggrevation of changing sensors, then I’m not complaining!

    • Haha I can see where your husband is coming from, it does look like some old person skin.

      I have read people can wear their sensor for around two week.

      • I have heard of people getting up to 3 weeks with their’s. I’ll be happy if I can average 10 days (3/month instead of 4). Glad you’re liking it! It’s been super useful with my new pump and setting up my basal rates.

      • wow three weeks, i am sure i would have a major rash after that

      • I didn’t get a rash after the first one, but I do have a little itty bitty bump from my Ping insertion site. But nothing itchy, thank goodness! I hope I’m one of the lucky non-rashers.

  2. I really need to get a roll of this, whilst I wait for my reusable / washable strap!

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