Today at the Doctors

I had a follow up appointment with my doctor today, and it went well. I got the answer I was waiting for today.

Since I was released from the hospital the only exercise I was cleared to do was a 30 min walk with my dog (which I try to do everyday). For hose of you who do not know, exercise lowers blood sugars and the doctor didn’t want to add another variable. But no longer! I can finally go out and play tennis or workout like I used to! I am very excited that I get to be active again.

Also I was on a sliding scale since my discharge which was making my blood sugar levels fluctuate too much. But now I am off that scale so I can begin fine tuning my insulin dosage and hopefully get a reasonable HbA1c percentage.

I am a free diabetic now!

3 thoughts on “Today at the Doctors

  1. Haha! Yay! That is great news. I love being out and about. Have fun being active again. 🙂 Happy your appointment went so well.

  2. Have fun! And may I recommend test, test, test until you learn how activity affects your blood sugars!

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