My New ID


This is my new medical alert bracelet. I picked it up at Walgreen’s for around $20. It is not made out of anything fancy (no silver or gold) just your basic stainless steel bracelet. And besides who cares what it is made out of, it’s purpose is to let paramedics and other people know that you have a medical condition that requires special treatment (in my case Type one Diabetes).  This is a simple bracelet that comes with a wallet card that you fill with: your condition, medications, emergency contacts, Doctor info, and other basic information (name, DOB, address, etc). On the back side of the red medic symbol is a message that says “DIABETES: SEE WALLET INSERT” so paramedics know where to find your information if you happen to be incapacitated or unable to answer questions.

Even though this bracelet is mainly for medical information, I believe it has become a symbol of my identity and of my new lifestyle with diabetes. I have had several people ask and comment about my bracelet, and it gives me an opportunity (no matter how brief) to spread a little bit of awareness for diabetes and a chance to share my story. The bracelet lets people know that I am different and okay with it enough to wear something shiny on my wrist on public display; in a way I am proud to be Diabetic, despite the challenges is brings and potential health risks it can cause. All that being said I strongly urge diabetics and people with other diseases that need special medical attention to buy a medical alert bracelet, not only for the medical benefits but as a symbol of your identity.

(The only downside with the bracelet is I had to buy a new wrist watch for my other wrist that matched the bracelet. However I really like my new watch, so it isn’t a downside at all)

2 thoughts on “My New ID

  1. Good for you! So many people resist wearing an alert bracelet. They don’t want to be reminded or labeled. We go through the MedicAlert foundation for various reasons. I like the security of knowing that they are a well established brand and that with the call to a toll free number, they have access to all I’ve updated in her efile. I’m one of the mean moms who insists that it look like a medical bracelet, no glittery beads or prettiness. I don’t want any chance that it could be missed just in case I’m not around.

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