A New Low

Yesterday night I hit a new all time low. My other post mentioned how my lowest blood sugar level to date was a 91, now my all time low (that I know of) is a 54. Luckily I had my dexcom system alert me to the decreasing blood sugar levels.

The weird thing is that I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. So this leads me to believe that I have been dipping low in the middle of the night all along ( yikes!). Another weird thing (I have not decided if this is a good thing or bad thing yet) the only symptom I displayed was shakiness. So this brings three things to mind:

1. I was not low enough to have other symptoms

2. I have a tolerance to low blood sugars

3. I have hypoglycemia unawareness


8 thoughts on “A New Low

  1. 54 is fairly low. I have heard of some people not recognizing/or feeling the low. Luckily you did have an alert. I’ve felt them enough that I usually wake up but I’m always nervous I wont. :/ It’s weird.

    • One of the main reasons I purchased the g4 Dexcom system was for potential lows while I am asleep. I am a very deep sleeper and was worried I would sleep through a low and not wake up, which could be dangerous.

  2. For me, every low is different. Sometimes I will feel low at 80, other times I will test and be like, “oh crap, I’m 52!”. I think that it may depend on how rapidly you’re dropping and also what you’re doing. I’ve tested myself after kickboxing class and been low and didn’t know because I was super active.

    Glad you’re OK and that your dex woke you up! How are you liking it?

    • I am loving the dexcom, best purchase of the year so far. The sensor started out being a little uncomfortable but now I dont notice it at all.

  3. Glad you’re liking it! I am very impressed with it. I don’t notice it at all anymore. The only thing I notice is the additional adhesive I add (OpSite Flexifix), but not enough to get annoyed by it or not use it.

    (PS, just tested – Meter said 151, Dex said 149. L♥VE IT!)

    • Wow thats accurate, mine has not been that but accurate enough. What testing unit do you use, I use the OneTouch Ultra 2.

      This sensor has been sticking fine so far without extra adhesive, but i literally just ordered a roll of Flexifix just in case.

      • I use the One touch UltraLink. I have noticed that the closer I am to being in range, the more accurate it is. And, it seems more accurate if my BG is holding steady, rather than the up or down arrows.

        I have had 2 matches, which is fun and exciting, haha!

      • Mine are always within 10 of each other but I have not had a match yet. I think 20 is the margin of error

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