Dexcom G4: It is Finally Here!


It is finally here! My brand new Dexcom G4 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system. I am pretty pumped about this piece of technology. The main reason I got this system is to see how my blood sugar levels are during the night while I sleep; going too low while sleeping is a fear of mine. For those of you who do not know what this is, it checks my blood sugar levels every five minutes and plots it on a graph. The picture above is the Receiver. It is a portable handheld device with a screen that shows my current blood sugar level and graph that shows the trend (going higher or lower). One of the best features of this device are the alarms that sound when ever your blood sugar levels go outside of the high and low parameters you set to help you avoid hyper/hypoglycemia.


The picture above is the transmitter. It is hooked into a sensor that is in your body to monitor the sugar levels.  This transmits to the receiver every five minutes to give you a play-by-play as to what your blood sugar is doing.


Pictured above is the senor applicator. It is a plunger-like device that uses a small needle to insert a sensor probe that is attached to an adhesive pad that the transmitter locks into.


Here is the transmitter/sensor combo on my skin (apologies for the body hair). This first insertion felt a little uncomfortable and so did wearing the patch, but now that I have been wearing it for several hours I don’t even notice it.


6 thoughts on “Dexcom G4: It is Finally Here!

  1. Awww cool excited for you! It will definitely make things alot easier. How are you finding it? I’m going to be getting my CGM sensor on the 24th of May YAY! It works with my currently animas vibe insulin pump. I can’t wait, it’s long over due. My finger tips have seen better days from all the years of pricking.
    Is this dexcom a new device that had been released in that states? Over here in England people who are on CGM tend to have the animas vibe pump. It works in the same way though.😜

    • I am definitely liking it quite a lot, its neat to see how my blood sugar reacts to food and insulin near real time. I am not sure when it was released but it is dexcom’s newest product. I have read about the animus vibe and want to check one out when they release it in the states. It looks like a very nice pump with tons of neat features.

  2. Awesome! I’ve been using the Dexcom for 2 weeks now and love it!!!

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