My Low-Carb Lunch



This is my standard low-carb lunch that I have been eating nearly every day. It is very healthy and very delicious, and i highly recommend it to any one who is going low-carb or just wants to eat something delicious. I did a rough calculation and this delicious and filling meal totals out to be around 17 grams of carbs and 10 grams of fiber.

I used low-carb, high fiber pita bread. Sometimes I will substitute the pita bread with a low-carb, high fiber tortilla.

Next I spread roughly 1 tablespoon of some low-carb Classic Caesar salad dressing.

I used Black Forrest Ham and Baby Swiss because that is what I have in my refrigerator. Obviously you could use you favorite meat and cheese, or what ever you have on hand.

To top it off, I added some lettuce for crunch and a little more fiber. To jazz it up a bit you could add some sliced tomatoes, avocados, or just about any other vegetable that goes on sandwiches. (unfortunately I do not have any at this time).

5 thoughts on “My Low-Carb Lunch

  1. That’s it? No fruit? And you’re not hungry later?

    • I have been tending to stay away from fruits. Their sugar content really gives my blood sugar quite a spike.

      As for hunger level, luckily I living at home right now and my parents eat at 5:00pm every night so I can normally hold off till then. But if I cannot wait, I will eat a some guacamole or some Greek yogurt.

  2. How come you are eating a low-carb diet?

    • There are several reasons why I am going low-carb. My dietary habits before I was diagnosed were not good, I was ingesting way too many carbs (junk food, fast food, and stuff of the sort) and I am trying to break out of that habit. I am also going low carb as a means to have better control of my weight and blood sugar levels. Especially since I have not been approved for exercise by my doctor yet.

  3. Fad diets come and go and most have gotten a bad rap for being nothing more than, well… fads.
    While you don’t need to actually cut these completely from your diet, be sure to follow the serving sizes recommended on the package. Most of us do not think about these foods being the primary source of energy that we need to maintain our body so we can lead our everyday lives.

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